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At the home of our Capital City, Life with Paint Canberra has been growing and growing, gathering a large following, hosting several classes and delighting students week in and week out. Art lovers from all walks of life come to our classes to de-stress, have fun and create their very own masterpieces. We are creating an art revolution, and look forward to seeing you!


Why you should come to our classes

It is the middle of the week, you're working away, you've got your sights on the weekend, but it seems so far off in the distance. What you need is a mid-week boost, a pick-me-up. Well, let's give you a boost! Take off two hours on a weeknight and come to one of our relaxing painting classes, shift your attention off your work, life problems and focus just on the creation of art.

It is a great escape that leaves your batteries recharged and ready to dive back into the trenches and get the week done.

You need not worry if you're not a professionally trained artist or an artist at all! Everyone is welcome to our classes and even if it is your first time picking up a brush it will still be therapeutic and you'll have a great time.


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What People are Saying about Us


Reviews for Life With Paint Canberra

I had a fantastic time today.

Our teacher was so good, explained everything perfectly. Gave us tips and tricks.

The venue was particularly good also, the light was perfect.

Julie, if you teach another class would you let me know please, because I'd love to participate. I'm so proud of my painting, not like my last one that ended up in the bin outside the venue.

Thank you again for hosting a brilliant Mother's Day afternoon.

Shona Barber, Canberra


We couldn't have had a better experience!! From calling and speaking with Frankl to see if a last minute private class could be arranged (7 hours notice!!) To Vee teaching us what to do and helping us create our paintings, they helped us have an awesome anniversary date night in!!! Vee even helped us modify the painting to where they could hang side by side!! Thank you guys!!!!

Mallie Tyalor, Canberra


A fantastic experience. I haven't painted since high school so was a bit nervous about what my end painitng might look like. But our artist was patient and very good at showing us then checking to make sure we were doing ok.

Thanks for the fun afternoon and the chance to challenge myself way out of my comfort zone.

Janen Brown, Canberra


My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves! We will definitely be doing this again ! Highly recommend!

Gina Fogwell, Canberra


I decided to book this just to 'do something different' and escape the house for a while. Boy am I glad I did!

It was the most wonderful and relaxing afternoon I've had in a long time. I am not artistic AT ALL and felt so proud of my masterpiece. Thank you so much! I will be back again many times!

Alexia Elliot, Canberra

Our Venues in Canberra

Boardwalk Bar and Nightclub
11/114 Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT 2617


The Lighthouse Pub
80 Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia


The Statesman
Statesman Hotel Motel, 14 Theodore St, Curtin ACT 2605


Wheat & Oats Cafe
2/22-24 Colbee Ct
Phillip ACT 2606, Australia