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Life With Paint has recently opened up in Adelaide! We are dedicated to uplifting people and society as a whole with the joy and creation of art. All are welcome to our painting classes. Perfect for beginners.


Why you should come to our classes

By far the most common question we get from people curious about our classes is: I've never painted before in my life, can I come, and would it be fun?

And our response is an emphatic: YES!

You don't need any background or professional training in art or painting. You should just jump in and do a class. There is no need to prep yourself with pre-study and pre-practice, just come to one of our classes and our patient instructors will guide you from whatever level you are at. You're in good hands.

Reinforcing this is the fact that the most common feedback we get from new students is: "I had no idea how to paint but the instructor helped me through it, and I had a great time, I'd definitely come again".

So, come to a class, get creative and take home your own masterpiece! 

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What People are Saying about Us

Reviews for Life With Paint Adelaide

We had a fantastic time at our painting class. They supplied absolutely everything, and the teacher kept it simple and at a good pace. We loved the class so much we’ve already booked another!

Heidi Ioannou, Adelaide


Such an amazing group!!!! Fun, talented artists, a must be a part of

John Bautista, Adelaide


A fun time with a not bad picture at the end

Wendy Poole, Adelaide



Our Venues in Adelaide

The Duke of Brunswick
207 Gilbert St,
Adelaide 5000, SA