Gold Coast

Life With Paint Classes in Gold Coast

Take one look at the beaches of this beautiful city, and you’ll soon understand why they call it “Gold Coast, Queensland.” Established in the mid-1800s and now sporting a population of well over half a million residents, Gold Coast is one of the most populated cities in Australia and a true king of tourism. And in a country already known for its tourist attractions, that’s saying a lot!

Gold Coast is a premier surfing destination, a beautiful beach town, and an excellent place for a vacation any time of the year. The city is known for the Surfers Paradise Hotel, a sunny, subtropical climate, endless miles of golden yellow beaches, theme parks, nightlife, and a rainforest hinterland just outside of town. Gold Coast is sometimes thought of as the “Los Angeles of Australia.” That could be because of the surfing, beach-style nature of the city, or it could be because of the prominent role the city plays in the nation’s entertainment, television, and film industries.

The Beauty of Art in Australia’s Magnificent Gold Coast

Gold Coast is home to several art districts, museums, art galleries, studios, and outdoor art displays. Visitors and residents can enjoy the Home of the Arts, the Gold Coast Arts Fair (going on for 63 consecutive years and running!), the Gold Coast City Art Gallery, and the Bleach Gold Coast Festival. It’s not easy to spend time in such an exciting, care-free, and pleasant city and not want to create a little joy through the arts!

Gold Coast is home to thousands of fine artists, creatives, filmmakers, actors, musicians, and writers. The city offers a unique pallet of urban, subtropic cityscapes and rural, tangled jungles not far off; perfect for endless artistic inspiration.

Group Painting Classes on Australia’s Gold Coast

This is where Life With Paint comes in. Australia’s largest social painting group, Life With Paint offers social painting classes in Gold Coast every week. Whether you have weekday nights, weekend days, or weekend evenings available, Life With Paint will have a Gold Coast group painting class for you.

Gold Coast is nicknamed “Australia’s Gem” for the warm weather, the beaches, the blue skies, and the sunshine. Why not take an afternoon for some good, clean, creative fun? Sit on the beach… while painting the beach! Or if you’d rather schedule a private event for your family members, friends, or coworkers, we offer those too. Sign up for a painting class today and discover your inner artist!