Alice Springs

Alice Springs is Australia’s epitome of the rural, outback life. The region was colonized in 1872 and soon became a significant crossroads for inner-continent travel. The area experienced its own gold rush, which led to a population boom.

Today, Alice Springs (colloquially known as “Alice”) is primarily a service town for a vast expanse of rural lands surrounding it. Alice Springs also attracts a fair amount of tourism, and there is still some mining activities occurring nearby.

One of the predominant features of Alice Springs is its Aboriginal influences. Several Aboriginal tribes still live in the rural lands surrounding Alice Springs, and visitors to the city can find Aboriginal culture centers, art galleries, markets, and trading posts throughout the city.

Art in “Alice”

Alice Springs rests in the heart of Australia, a true oasis surrounded by the incredible wilderness that is the Land Down Under. The city is surrounded by red dirt deserts, beautiful mountain ranges, and arid plains. The town itself is often described as the beating heart of Australia, as it is located near the center of the continent.

Alice Springs is known for its art scene. The city attracts many creative types, including wilderness explorers, photographers, painters, graphic artists, and sketch artists. Nature art is often the theme in Alice Springs, but one can find just about any art style in the city.

And we can see why! Alice Springs does not lack in inspiration and cool places, monuments, natural wonders, and other beautiful objects to make art of. Visitors to Alice Springs can appreciate the art of the magnificent Uluru, the Kate Tjuta, Kings Canyon, the Larapinta Trail, the Devils Marbles, and of course, the beautiful, almost haunting red sands of the Simpson Desert.

Getting Out and Trying Something Creative in Alice Springs

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