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Established in 1836, Adelaide was named in honor of Queen Adelaide, the consort to King William IV. At the time of its founding, Adelaide was a planned capital for the only freely-settled British province in Australia.

Adelaide catches the eye of hundreds of thousands of visitors each year for its unique layout and its admirable focus on parklands, squares, city commons, green spaces, etc. The city’s one of a kind design is thanks in part to Colonel William Light, one of the original city planners. Colonel Light put together a plan for the city that involved an ideal positioning near the River Torrens. Light also laid the town out in a grid format, interspacing city blocks with wide boulevards and large public squares.

Adelaide and the Arts

The Capital City of the state of South Australia and home to more than 1.3 million people, there’s no question that Adelaide is an epicenter of culture, commerce, history, and the arts. In fact, Adelaide was dubbed the City of Festivals for its lively cultural scene. From the Art Gallery of South Australia to the Tandanya National Aboriginal Institute, or from the Samstag Museum to the Flinders University of Art Museum, visitors to this beautiful city are never at a loss for art galleries, museums, and unique displays.

Adelaide also takes its art education seriously. Known for its art schools, both public and private, youngsters and adults alike who want to pursue a career in the arts have several options to choose from in Adelaide. The Adelaide Central School of Art, Ruck Tuck Art School, BAPëA Art School & Studios, Noah’s Art Schook, Pepper Street Arts Centre, and the Ann Shannon Art School are just some examples.

Social Painting Classes in Adelaide

Imagine sitting in front of the UniSA Building, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the rotunda in ElderPark, or the Victoria Square and painting these beautiful icons of Adelaide? And then imagine taking your painting home with you, hanging it from your wall, and enjoying your own, personal masterpiece every day? Thanks to Life With Paint, now you can do just that! We recently opened in Adelaide, and we’re thrilled to offer the wonder of the arts to Adelaide residents and visitors alike.

Even if you’ve never held a paintbrush in your hands before, there’s no time like the present! Fill out our simple sign up form for Adelaide painting classes to schedule your first class. Be sure to bring a friend or two and be prepared to discover a new passion!