About Life With Paint

Are you getting bored with the usual weekend activities? Thinking about trying something different? Considering rekindling your inner artist? Social painting may just be the hot-ticket item for you!

And what is social painting, you ask? Think of it this way. Remember back in kindergarten when you and your classmates would get together and make finger paintings? Your arts and crafts teacher would sort of guide you along and help you make funny paintings your parents would then put on the fridge? Social painting is kind of life that, but with adults!

A Life With Paint social painting class is not a complicated art study or a strict, theory-heavy art class. It’s certainly no college course. Our artist-instructors meet you, your friend(s), and other “students” at a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop. Then, with a drink in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, students unleash their inner artist and paint! The artist-instructor guides the process along, teaching students the fundamentals of painting, and helping each student to create their masterpiece.

(Did we also mention that Life With Paint offers private event painting classes for corporate events, team-building exercises, anniversaries, fundraisers, birthdays, holidays, and more? Let us know if you need to put some color into your next event; we offer discounts for 25 or more students!)


Life With Paint at a Glance

Life With Paint is a nationwide social painting organization that offers fun and unique painting classes throughout the year. Anyone can participate, from people who have never even held a paintbrush before to experienced artists looking to hone their skills. Our fun and energizing classes introduce thousands of people each year to a fun, relaxed, no-pressure environment of learning and artistic creation.

Are you hankering for something creative and different? Join us for a class!


Learn it by Doing It

Life With Paint is nothing like the traditional art class. Most art classes dive deep into the theory of art long before students even get to pick up a paintbrush. At Life With Paint, each student creates a painting in just a single, two-hour session! Our artist-instructors teach the fundamentals of painting and guide the students, but the real learning comes from doing. And Life With Paint is all about that!


How is Life With Paint Different?

Life With Paint classes are fun, jovial, exciting, and sure to get a few laughs from everyone in the group. Jokes are made, drinks are drunk, snacks are snacked, and a good time is had by all. And while all of that is undoubtedly fun, the real goal of Life With Paint is to help people discover their inner artist and to show people how we can all live better lives by taking part in the arts. With that in mind, our artist-instructors seek to make sure that you create a piece of art that you can be proud of, something that you’d like to hang up on your wall. We want your class to be a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime!