Meet our Melbourne Arist Dawn

Art was like breathing for me, growing up.

I looked for animals in the clouds, dressed and styled my younger brother for photoshoots, painted, coloured, drew, glued, baked, crafted my little heart out. 

When I wanted to major in Studio Art at University my parents cringed. They encouraged/ insisted that I major in English too. You know, so I would have something to ‘fall back on’ when the whole Art career didn’t work out. It was time for me to get serious and get a real job, which sounded terribly boring.

I was not brave enough then.

Finding my way back to the art path was character building; Career hopping, soul-searching, corny self-help books, travel. The final spark came with the birth of my daughter, my inspiration. I wanted to be her example of someone who follows their dreams.

I decided to be brave enough to call myself an artist.

Colour and texture excite me. My own work focuses on creating affordable  and original pieces that add excitement and interest to any space. The paintings I make are intended to look beautiful and make you feel something when you look at them. If you purchase something from me I want it to be one of those little details that makes a house your home.

Feel free to browse my Etsy store or come chat with me on one of our super-fun paint nights!

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